Top 6 New Technology Trends for 2022

Technology Trends

As another year passed, the technology marketplace has been loud in terms of trends, opportunities, and acquisitions. Large software enthusiasts have broadened their portfolios, and have begun to target customers upstream and downstream.

Looking back at 2021, a list of technology trends, most of them have come to pass and are still evolving as adoption continues to grow. Expenditure increases, infrastructures, and applications are being redesigned using the cloud and other IT issues continue to appear and also be resolved.

Here is a list of what we expect the top technology trends will emerge in 2022:

The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

Nothing is going to change the way we live, more than the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and Robotics. These technologies in 2022 will make life a lot easier and businesses more efficient and profitable.

In the coming future, we will see the applications of artificial intelligence in a lot of the online platforms that we enjoy today. These include retail stores, healthcare, finance, fraud detection, traffic information, and much more. In short, the objective of AI would remain the same, that is to create intelligent machines, and that it does by combining the Internet of Things and robotics.

Robotic Process Automation

In 2022, RPA Software will get more and more attention due to its ability to adjust to fluctuating circumstances, exceptions, and new situations. 

By 2025, the global market for collaborative robotics is expected to cross $ 12 billion, with work automation by $5-7 trillion.

The use of software along with machine learning and artificial intelligence makes it different from traditional IT automation. Right from automotive to aerospace, RPA will be seen used in different sectors specifically.


The adoption of 5G will continue to surge in 2022, with an expected rise of 5G smartphones. In the coming year, 5G will likely provide substantial enterprise opportunities due to its high-range performance and reliability. Harnessing the power of 5G is expected to bring enormous opportunities to enterprises worldwide.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology holds the potential to revolutionize the I.T World. Especially for the marketing and advertising industry, the technology will remove the intermediaries in digital marketing and advertising, creating cost-efficiency and transparency for organizations. The strategic use of this technology will lead to an advanced and independent business community with transparency, cost-efficiency, better security, integrity, and no intermediary.

Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity will remain in the bigger picture in the coming year. This technology may not seem emerging, as it already holds a place, but it is evolving just as other technologies are. This is in part because threats are becoming more complicated in nature. Gone is the time when amateur hackers used to attack our systems, now it feels like a war with crime syndicates, several attackers, millions of targets, and no end goal.  As surveyed by Gartner, around 60% of companies will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant for processing third-party transactions and business engagements.

Virtual Reality in Business and Industry

Virtual Real technology finds several applications in the world of business and industry too. With the help of simulation, we can expect new prototypes and products to be built to enhance the environment. In the industrial world, VR technology would be integrated to establish machine capabilities, improve assembly-line operations, and hence augment workplace efficiency.

Emerging technology trends are becoming more and more relevant with the emergence of multiple data streams. The above discussed six innovative trends are transformational and are likely to shape 2022!